My Favorite Trading Setup

From the desk of Stephen Collie

Trading tricks by Dr. Barry BurnsOne of my favorite trading teachers, Dr. Barry Burns, is making a special offer – He’s giving away one of his favorite trading setups: “The Rubber Band Trade.”

This trade actually makes money, and you can get it right now online for no charge.

* It works for both day traders and swing traders.
* It works on forex, stocks and futures.

… and he explains it all in a free video you can get right now as part of his 5-day free video trading mini-course (the Rubber Band Trade is given on day 4).

By the way, the video course is entitled:

Make Money by Breaking Every Trading Rule You Ever Leaned!

The entire course is great, but the fact that he gives away the Rubber Band trade, well I still can’t believe it.

Check it out here: THE RUBBER BAND TRADE

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