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Goldmoney has numerous intrinsic qualities that make it a necessity for investors to hold in their portfolios. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of Goldmoney, why it belongs in your portfolio as an investor and the different ways that you can invest in the gold market.

Does It Still Pay To Invest In Gold?

Absolutely Yes!

Gold has always played a vital role in the international monetary system and is still very important in the global economy today. Of all precious metals, gold is the most popular as an investment. Smart investors buy gold as a way to preserve wealth and diversify risk.

To maximize your investment in the gold market, you need a reliable and professional gold-based financial institute such as Goldmoney.

What Is Goldmoney?

Goldmoney is the world’s most trusted name in precious metals. It safeguards close to $2 billion of assets, representing 34.1 tonnes of gold, for clients in 150 countries. This makes it one of the largest privately owned gold reserves in the world.

What Are The Benefits Of Goldmoney?

Gold is wonderful; you can’t own too much gold! So why is Goldmoney so beneficial? Find below, a detailed explanation of the many benefits of Goldmoney:

Simplicity of Ownership and Trading
The concept of gold ownership is quite simple with Goldmoney. As an investor, you can buy gold bullion or coins in a very simplified process. You can monitor prices easily and when it comes to selling, Goldmoney Inc. made it a very straightforward and transparent process.
In summary, Goldmoney is easy to buy and easy to sell. In addition, it has global use and can be traded everywhere worldwide.

Lowest Fees
Goldmoney offers the least expensive way to buy, sell, store, and take delivery of physical precious metals. It is much cheaper than ETFs and coins.

100% Secured
All client assets are segregated, fully-reserved (1:1), and securely stored in insured vaults around the world. This totally eliminates counterparty risk that exists with other forms of investments which all have potential fraud or theft risks.

Dependable and Reliable
You’ll sleep better at night knowing your investment is in safe hands. Investing in Goldmoney offers a calming effect. Goldmoney Inc. is a publicly listed corporation on the TSX (XAU) and regulated by the JFSC. Financial statements are audited by a Big Four accounting firm (KPMG).

Redeemable Bullion
Unlike many other forms of investment, Goldmoney is tactile and tangible. Owners can touch, feel, and hold it. Precious metals are redeemable in bullion bars at vaults and Goldmoney Branches, or in a selection of coins and bars that can be shipped to clients via Schiff Gold.

Low Risk
Goldmoney is a hugely useful asset to have as part of a balanced investment portfolio. It is a must-buy for reasons such as high liquidity, low risk, and other reasons such as:- Higher profits on long term (more profitable than bank’s low interest on investment),
– Safe haven investment,
– Inflation hedge (Gold rises as inflation rises. Cash devalues),
– Currency swing and economic uncertainty hedge.

Tax Advantages
Tax relief of up to 45% is available on gold bars as part of a pension. Goldmoney offers IRA and SIPP accounts for accumulating precious metal savings and deferring tax exposure.


Banking Services:

Goldmoney offers unique institutionalized banking services such as Prepaid Card available in plastic, 18K gold, and silver. Free gold transfers and business tools for earning in gold. Multi-currency accounts in up to nine currencies and free FX conversions.

They also offer professional institutional services for family offices, corporations, and trusts that provide access to pricing, execution, and custody technology through an API.

Goldmoney is the easiest way to invest in physical gold and silver bullion online whether you’re new to the investment world or you’re a professional. From buying physical gold to cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), investors have several different options when it comes to investing in Goldmoney.

Not only that, Goldmoney clients have access to the world’s leading precious metals research, done by a team of analysts with over 180 years of combined experience navigating markets. You will receive Market Insights, Updates, Live Prices & Charts.

With such amazing benefits, Goldmoney is literally a gold mine! You will get more returns on your investment using this secured platform. Still contemplating? Opening a Holding with Goldmoney will convince you!


Benefits of Money Robot Software

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Stephen Collie: Overview of the New Zealand Economy

New Zealand Economy

“New Zealand, or Aotearoa has an open economy that works on free market principles”, says Stephen Collie. In the last three decades our economy has gone from being virtually over-regulated in the OECD to one of the least regulated, most free-market based economies.

Fertile soil and excellent growing conditions combined with advanced farming methods and sophisticated agricultural technology provide the ideal environment for pastoral, forestry and horticulture activities. Various primary commodities account for around half of all goods exports and New Zealand is one of the top five dairy exporters in the world.

Complementing primary production are sizeable manufacturing and service sectors and growing high-tech capabilities. Tourism, film production, and winemaking are also significant.

New Zealand EconomyStephen Collie notes: “Our country is one of the few bright spots among industrialized economies”. Loose monetary conditions, gains in real disposable income and solid growth in the construction, retail and tourism sectors have continued despite weak external demand, putting the economy on a solid footing. The unemployment rate dropped to a multi-year low in 2016 Q3 and although business confidence dipped in October, it logged the second highest reading this year, pointing to a still-solid expansion.

The NZ dairy export sector received some welcoming news in October as milk prices have gone up significantly since the end of Q3 and will contribute to easing the financial strain afflicting the industry. However, a massive earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand on 14 November near Hanmer Springs, leaving a trail of destruction and billions of dollars of damage, according to Prime Minister John Key.

Stephen Collie: “We have a very export-driven competitive economy with exports accounting for about 30% of Gross-Domestic-Product”.

We also have a low-inflation environment, with monetary policy managed by the Reserve Bank, our independent central bank that is charged with maintaining price stability, and our exchange rate is one of long-stading flexibility, and there are no exchange controls or restrictions on bringing in or repatriating funds.

Our country is ranked by the World Bank as the easiest place in the world to start a business (2015) and the world’s second easiest country to do business in generally, and the Heritage Foundation rated NZ the world’s third freest economy in its 2015 IEF, just behind Singapore and Hong Kong.

“There are few restrictions on establishing, owning and operating a business here”, Stephen Collie says. In fact, by using the government’s online portals the official paperwork to set up a business can be completed in a matter of hours. New Zealand came in third in Forbes’ ‘Best Country for Business’ report, (December 2014) just behind Denmark and Hong Kong.

Forbes commented that “Over the past 20 years the government has transformed New Zealand from an agrarian economy dependent on concessionary British market access to a more industrialized, free market economy that can compete globally. This dynamic growth has boosted real incomes and broadened and deepened the technological capabilities of the industrial sector.”

Stephen Collie notes that New Zealand’s economic growth has been faster than most other developed countries in recent years, the OECD commented in 2015 that: “inflation and inflation expectations are well anchored… Strong fiscal monetary policy frameworks and a healthy financial sector have yielded macroeconomic stability, underpinning growth. Employment is high, in large part thanks to flexible labour markets and ample immigration, business investment is robust and households and firms are optimistic.”

New Zealand Dairy ExportsBetween 2000 and 2007, the New Zealand economy expanded by an average of 3.5% each year as private consumption and residential investment grew strongly. Annual inflation averaged 2.6%, inside the Reserve Bank of New Zealand’s 1% to 3% target range, while the current account deficit averaged 5.5% of GDP.

Like most OECD countries, New Zealand’s economy experienced an economic slow-down following the global financial crisis in September 2008. As in other advanced economies, business and consumer confidence declined. Unlike most OECD countries however, after a 2% decline in 2009, the economy pulled out of recession. It achieved 1.7% growth in 2010, 2% in 2011 and 3% in 2012. That compared with 0.3% growth in the UK and negative 0.9% in the euro area; 0.4% in Japan; 1.1% in Canada; and 1.6% in the USA.

Stephen Collie says: “Recovery was led mainly by exports, while relatively strong Government accounts and a well-capitalised banking system provided a stable base for the economy. These positives were supported by the continued boost to GDP from the rebuilding of Christchurch after earthquakes there in 2010 and 2011”.

Recent Economic Performance

By December 2014, annual growth had risen to 3.3%, the fastest rate of expansion in six years and, according the New Zealand Treasury, one of the strongest performances in the OECD

Growth for 2015 is expected to be around 3%, supported by net migration flows, labour income growth, and construction activity. It is expected to fall back for 2016 and 2017, largely due to deteriorating terms of trade, particularly for our dairy exports. This factor has been somewhat offset however by falling oil prices and a lower exchange rate which is helping exporters. From 2018, growth is forecast to pick up again.

Stock market performance

The NZX, The New Zealand stock market has recovered strongly from the global financial crisis, up 121% from 1 April 2009 to 30 June 2015. Despite key economic drivers coming off their highs, steady economic growth and a weaker currency is expected to underpin corporate earnings and securities valuations in the medium term.

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Stephen Collie believes small enterprise will have a big impact on the economy.

Stephen Collie Enterprises

Should you ask Stephen Collie, the future looks vibrant for New Zealand’s overall economy, as a consequence of a surge in quite a few sectors, for example manufacturing. Collie has devoted a great deal of his life to enhancing the enterprise his parents created to succeed.

Stephen Collie’ s father created a construction business soon after coming back home from combating in 2nd World War. Like many family-owned small businesses, the company had very humble beginnings. At the beginning, Steve Collie’s dad had only a single truck. Nowadays, Collie himself is a shareholder within the enterprise and serves as the business manager for its subsidiary, a thriving shipping company. Much like the construction business, the shipping venture began with a single vehicle – one small tugboat. The business today is the owner and operates a number of barges, along with its own workshop, dock, and dry dock.

Stephen CollieThrough the years, Stephen Collie has demonstrated that being seriously active in the day-to-day activities associated with an organization is critical for its prosperity. At some point or another, he’s worked in virtually every job position available within the company. Getting engaged in the business and dealing in functions for instance barge mechanic has demonstrated him what must be done to keep the business running. Also crucial is keeping a small venture way of thinking while being competitive on a major scale.

The Fundamentals of Dredging

The most significant capabilities of a shipping company is dredging. Dredging is just the excretion of sand and sediment out from the ocean or river floor. Many reasons exist why dredging is carried out. When it comes to shipping, the barges acquire sand for the concrete business to use for making its product.

Stephen Collie says that his company appears to have been able to score well in this field simply because it learned from the errors of others. The business witnessed the actions of some other barge or shipping companies, then altered them to generate the greatest results. The shipping business owns its very own related equipment and land, while many other companies rent. The company has to some extent learned the best places to collect the sand by studying the endeavors of others.

Dredging has effectiveness beyond concrete, Collie highlights. It’s also good for the health of the water and the coastline around it. Devoid of frequent removal of sand and silt, certain areas of the water would probably become too shallow for boats for getting through. Shallow waters can drastically restrict trade in New Zealand, as merchandise is not able to get in or out of the country’s ports.
There’s often the question of what to do with the sand that’s dredged up. Concrete is one specific solution. It may also be utilized to repair broken down or drastically changed beaches and to improve the recreational appeal and tourist economy of a region. Preserving healthy and balanced, functional beaches is key to the continuing success of a coastal town. The beach not alone provides people with a place to relax and play. It also safe guards the surrounding area from serious damages after stormy weather, Stephen Collie notes.

Stephen Collie

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Economy is Important for New Zealand

New Zealand Economy

The economy in New Zealand has performed quite well in recent years, however there are a few bottlenecks especially in housing and urban infrastructure, inequalities in living standards, and rising environmental pressures are all challenges to achieving sustainable and inclusive growth.

Steve Collie: “A study from Roy Morgan Research sheds more light on the subject of the growth of the economy – and its importance within the country”. Without a solid stance on making lasting economic changes aimed at improvement, those in the running for the September elections won’t have a leg to stand on. As it stands, economic issues are the biggest concern for the country’s residents.

According to the report, “When asked about the most important problem facing New Zealand, 42% of New Zealanders mention some kind of Economic issue. This is down 3% since October 2013 but still well ahead of Social issues (21%, up 1%), Government/ Public policy/ Human rights issues (19%, unchanged) and Environmental issues (9%, up 3%).”

New Zealand EconomyRoy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said that continued data aggregation places issues with the economy on the top for both New Zealand and the world at-large. “One of the concerns also sheds light on a problem affecting the whole world: imbalance of wealth”, according to professionals like Roy Morgan and Steve Collie.

As Morgan stated about the issue, “Over the last few surveys the problems within the economy have taken a different shape – or at least are being articulated differently. Since July 2013 more New Zealanders are concerned with the ‘imbalance of wealth’ / ‘the gap between the rich and the poor’ than are concerned about the more ‘economic’ metrics like recession, inflation, exchange rates and the value of the dollar.”

The importance of these issues comes right alongside the viewpoints expressed by current New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Many analysts believe that this alignment will likely lead to his reelection in September. “However, other candidates could easily overtake Key if this emphasis is lost in the coming months” Steve Collie says.

Tourism and Growth in New Zealand

One big example of investing in the country comes through a $1.92 million investment in the tourism industry. A report from Creative NZ, the arts council of New Zealand, the investment comes as a way to encourage more touring throughout the country – a big draw for both locals and travelers visiting the nation which will also benefit the locals economy.

As Creative New Zealand Senior Manager Cath Cardiff described, the investment reflects an important area of the country’s tourism – and one that was directly in need of something more. “An effective way to develop and manage touring of medium scale work has long been identified as a missing link in our arts infrastructure,” Cardiff said. “The agency and fund will be a catalyst for ensuring more audiences enjoy great New Zealand performing art experiences.”

Steve Collie and Cath Cardiff: “This arts-based initiative showcases the country’s willingness to invest money where it’s needed for improvement”. Investing in programs and changes within the arts will also likely drive tourism and recreation within the country. As Cardiff continued, “In our small country touring is essential for maintaining and increasing audiences for our arts companies and for sustaining the life of a new work beyond its first season.”

Growth is coming in practically every industry within the country of New Zealand. As marketing professional Steve Collie recently described, many of the country’s investments in tourism and beyond are already showing benefits within other industries.

New Zealand EconomyIn Steve Collie’s words, “I work in online marketing, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see effort to grow the economy in other fields when I see it. I think that initiatives like the government’s recent $2 million commitment to driving tourism show that the current administration is doing its part to address the economic concerns of the electorate.”

Business professionals see government initiatives like this as a positive sign of growth and commitment. And this type of positive energy feeds into an overall improvement in how residents and business owners approach their country’s pride and that includes the economy.

“It’s hallmarks like these that show a government on the right track,” Steve Collie continued.

Without a streamlined focus on the economic issues facing New Zealand, those in the running face alienating themselves from residents. The economy needs to remain a top concern – and this includes making lasting changes for improvements. While business professionals like Steve Collie reflect on the current improvements of the economy, they also look forward to bigger and better things in years to come.


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New Zealand – A Nation of Sports

Sports of New Zealand

Many Kiwis are very keen sports people, there’s nothing  more exciting than to get behind your favorite sports team and support them in any way you can!

The top three of the most popular sports in New Zealand definitely include rugby, cricket and netball. These sports are primarily played in Commonwealth of Nations countries.

Let’s have a closer look


Rugby is popular among all ages, sectors and levels of society in New Zealand. The All Blacks are the national rugby team, and is currently the team that dominates the rugby world! The All Blacks traditionally perform a haka, a Maori challenge, at the start of international matches. Rugby is an important part of New Zealand society. The top domestic competitions are Super Rugby, ITM Cup and the Heartland Championship.

New Zealand Rugby Sports

The New Zealand National Teams are: All Blacks, Junior All Blacks, Māori All Blacks, Black Ferns, Sevens, Under 21s, Under 20s and Under 19s

Then there are several professional rugby union teams such as The Blues, Chiefs, Hurricanes, Crusaders and Highlanders .

New Zealand also has a selection of provincial teams including, Auckland, Wellington, Waikato, Taranaki, Southland, Otago, Northland, North Harbour, Canterbury, Bay of Plenty, Counties Manukau, Tasman, Manawatu and Hawke’s Bay.



Cricket is a very popular summer sport in the nation. New Zealand is one of the ten countries that take part in test match cricket. The national Cricket team are the Black Caps and Brendon McCullum is the current captain of the team.

The Black Caps play in a range of competitions including the World Cup, ICC Knockout & ICC Champions Trophy and the Twenty20 World Championship.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 is the 11th Cricket World Cup, hosted by New Zealand and Australia. The opening ceremony and match was hosted by Christchurch in New Zealand. Visit the official ICC Cricket World Cup website for the latest updates.

New Zealand Cricket SportsBlack Caps Captain

In December 2012, Brendon McCullum – an aggressive batsman and wicket weekper – was named as Captain for the Black Caps. Well known for his fast scoring rate, McCullum became the first New Zealand cricketer to score a triple hundred in Test cricket after scoring 302 runs against India in February 2014. McCullum plays for the Otago Volts at provincial level, and for Chennai Super Kings in the IPL.



Netball is by far the most popular women’s sport in New Zealand. The Silver Ferns are the national Netball team, and are one of the leading Netball teams in the world.

Netball is a sport played between two teams of seven players, on a rectangular court with raised goal rings at each end. Each team attempts to score goals by passing a ball down the court and shooting it through its goal ring.

More information on New Zealand Netball can be found here: NZ Netball

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